Accounts Receivable

Discover Why Many Businesses Use Our Accounts Receivable Financing Program

Many businesses like to come to us for our accounts receivable financing because we have competitive terms, exceptional customer service, and rapid approval times. Financing receivables may not be the right solution for every business, but it’s a great choice for businesses that need money immediately and have outstanding receivable invoices they would like to sell.

Here at Oaks Commercial Capital LLC, we make it worth your while to sell unwanted receivable invoices to us. An invoice may be “unwanted” if it was issued 90 or more days ago and still hasn’t been paid. One of the top reasons business owners decide to take advantage of our accounts receivable program is because they need money but don’t want to go into further bank debt. Selling receivable invoices to us is a great way to get money without increasing your debt. It’s almost like outsourcing your accounts receivable department, but getting paid to do so.

Our Program Benefits

Here are some of the top reasons to consider taking advantage of our financing receivables opportunity:

  • Increased funding as your receivable invoices increase
  • Cash in just 24 hours
  • No fixed payments required
  • No-cost credit insurance on qualifying accounts
  • Funding that you can use to fulfill orders

If you’re interested in applying, reach out to us today with any outstanding questions you may have about this program. We’ll help you determine if it’s the right solution for your business needs.