Franchise Financing

We Can Meet Your Franchise Financing Needs

If you’re preparing to open a franchise, it’s essential to ensure you have the financial support to make your endeavors successful. Here at Oaks Commercial Capital LLC, we have a financing option that’s tailored to the needs of franchisees. Our franchise financing program is perfect for helping you purchase real estate, get your hands on the equipment you need, or construct a brand-new building for your franchise. We even offer a prequalification process so you don’t have to apply until you know you’ll be approved.

What’s Included in Our Franchise Program

All of our loan products are specifically designed to give the borrower as many benefits and as much flexibility as possible. Our franchise solution is no exception. This program provides you with:

  • Up to 25-year terms
  • No prepayment penalties if you decide to pay early
  • Up to 90% loan-to-value
  • Fast closing processes
  • Low interest rates
  • Extra cash you can use as working capital

Even if you’ve never opened a franchise before, you can have confidence that you’ll likely be approved. We frequently finance first-time franchisees and love to help entrepreneurs succeed.

Contact Us

We have highly skilled professionals standing by to answer any questions you may have about our franchise financing program. Contact us today for more details or to request that we send you an application.