Equipment Financing

Get the Equipment You Need for a Second Business Location

When opening a second business location, one of your first goals should be to get the equipment you need to generate strong profits. This helps your new location to have a solid foundation for growth without relying entirely on revenue from your primary location. At Oaks Commercial Capital LLC, we offer low-interest equipment financing that can help you expand smoothly.

Many Options for Equipment Acquisition

The great thing about equipment financing is that it adapts well to different business goals. In the case of expansion, you need to balance interest rates with monthly payments. You want financing that keeps your capital investment as low as possible while also saving you money on monthly payments. We can customize equipment leasing and loan programs to your needs:

  • Low or no down payment required
  • Great interest rates
  • Many options for repayment schedules
  • Introductory offers
  • Comfortable options for monthly payments

A Variety of Loans and Leasing Packages Available

Should you get a loan or choose equipment leasing when opening a second business location? It depends on the amount of working capital you have and how much equipment you need.

Our equipment financing can save you money for middle-market items, but for larger items, you may want to go with a lease so your monthly payments are smaller. That way you keep your working capital free for other needs, such as marketing and payroll.

Sale-and-Lease-Back Programs

If your primary location has been in business for some time, you may be able to turn heavy machinery into a significant source of capital for expansion goals. With sale-and-lease-back options, you sell existing assets in exchange for a large infusion of funds. This lump sum can cover real estate needs and other essentials for the new location. At the same time, you can continue utilizing your equipment with a comfortable lease.

Our team has extensive experience with business expansion. For help choosing the right equipment loans and leases, contact us today.