Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

Purchase Real Estate with Stated Income Financing

Oaks Commercial Capital LLC provides accessible commercial real estate financing without high requirements through our stated income loans for investment properties.

Whatever your goals, our stated income commercial real estate financing can help you get the property you need quickly and easily.

Excellent Loan Terms

Stated income real estate loans stand out because they’re easier to qualify for than traditional mortgages. That doesn’t mean you have to worry about excessive costs, however. Our stated income loans provide great terms:

  • Good loan-to-value ratios
  • Repayment over 25 years
  • Comfortable interest rates
  • Significant loan amount

With the help of this type of financing, you can get a sizable loan to buy the property you want. The loan can be used for countless types of properties, from office buildings to investment real estate.

The Reason Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loans Are Easier

Some business owners may wonder if this type of financing is too good to be true. The reason that stated income financing has fewer requirements than traditional loans is that you have property acting as collateral — in this case, the property you’re going to purchase. This provides many benefits for your application:

  • Fair credit score compatible
  • Simple business application
  • Flexible terms
  • No supporting financial documents required

At Oaks Commercial Capital LLC, our objective is to create a long-term relationship with business owners, so we want you to succeed. By making it easier for your business to qualify for a real estate loan, we help you reach your company’s goals.

Many Possibilities

Stated income commercial real estate loans aren’t just for property purchases. You can also use the loan for other types of expansion, such as remodeling an existing location or adding to it. Some companies choose to leverage business property they already own to refinance or obtain a large infusion of capital. Contact our financial advisors right away to learn more.