3 Useful Loan Options for Your Small Business

If you are the owner of a small business, you are probably familiar with the constant need for cash. Indeed, even for established small businesses, downturns can crop up quickly and unexpectedly, and margins may frequently be tight.

While building a vibrant customer base is essential to creating a business that can be healthy in the long-term, the use of loans is frequently necessary, both at the outset of a new business establishment, and over its lifespan. There is nothing wrong with this — and in fact, borrowing money contains many helpful advantages.

With this in mind, below are three types of loans that may come in handy for your small business.

1. Lines of Credit

Lines of credit can be enormously helpful as you work to build your business. A line of credit essentially gives you access to credit up to a certain limit, which “recharges” as you pay it back. You do not need to draw on it — so it is there when you want it, without pressure to spend it.

Lines of credit can be helpful in all sorts of cases: to cover payroll, order more supplies quickly, pay for unexpected repairs, or many other uses. Provided you use and repay it regularly, you will also help build your business credit.

2. SBA Loans

SBA loans are a type of loan backed by the Small Business Administration, designed to help smaller-scale entrepreneurs. There are many types of SBA loans, ranging from 7(a) loans, to CDC/504 loans, to microloans, to lines of credit, and even disaster loans.

The upside of an SBA loan is that it can provide a solid amount of capital, at a reasonable rate. With an SBA loan, you can be sure you have a stable, long-term loan. It is worth noting, however, that they typically require extensive documentation, and approval can take at least several months.

3. Private Loans

While not everyone has access to private loans, they are worth keeping in mind for small business purposes. A private loan is generally lent by a friend, relative, or wealthy individual or institution — outside of a typical bank loan. The benefit is that rates can be personally negotiated, and so depending on the relationship, these may be uniquely affordable.

These are only three ways to raise cash via loans at a small business. By taking the time to research options, and consulting with a financial professional, you can determine the best funding options for your needs.